Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Redfly and Phantoms

Anyone who has seen me at hockey practices or games will know that I like to take notes on my cell phone's word processor.

I just picked up an interesting little gadget that will make that task MUCH easier. I look forward to giving it a workout at the next available practice. :)

Speaking of practices, I sent a note to someone who works for the team's front office and also posts PR updates on a Flyers board where I am a regular. In response to my question, he informed me that Max O. is still with our training camp and was practicing with the Phantoms today. So I'm still hopeful that we can see him in a Phantoms uni this season. (PLEASE, God. Let us see him in a Phatoms uni this season.) I think that the combo of Max and a young guy would work out wonderfully for the team. We had Boucher/Munroe last season and we were outstanding. I want to repeat that this year, but with Max in Boucher's place. That would rock.

Incidentally, I am using my new gadget to post this message via cell phone. It's a bluetooth item that provides a larger screen, a keyboard, and a touch pad. I think this is going to make my life a lot easier as far as using my phone as a word processor. (And it means NOT needing to carry a laptop under some circumstances where I'd rather not do so.)

Nice. I'm very pleased. Accessories are good.

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