Friday, February 22, 2013

Thank you, Grape; Welcome, Skye

Now that I've finally uploaded some photos from my camera to my computer, I can make this post.
Thank you, Grape the Neon, for your many years of faithful service to me and to others, 1997-2013.

And welcome, Skye the Kia Rio. I am looking forward to teaming up with you.

I have ranted at least once on this blog that I am frustrated with the lack of color variety in cars these days. Everything seems to be black, white, and various shades of silver/grey. The most colorless place imaginable these days is a parking lot full of cars. I compare that to my childhood memories of a time when cars could be found in every shade under the sun. There were dark, light, pastel, and metallic versions of every color. I miss that, Now, the most common non-greyscale color seems to be red. Other than that, good luck finding a car with an actual color except once in a while.

Therefore, when I had the option of choosing a version of this car in black, silver, or blue, I went straight for the only one whose hue was a shade that can be found in the rainbow.
So I'm pleased to be brightening up the world a little bit, as well as having a vehicle that I'm not constantly afraid might need to be towed at any moment. The world has become a better place for me this week. :-)