Tuesday, May 27, 2003

I just wrote a nice long post about how Mark and I spent our anniversary. However, due to a glitch that I think I caused, it appears to have gone to the ozone. GRRR...

For now, I'll post something for the "Things that make you go HMMMM" file. There's a sticker placed by someone right next to an escalator in Suburban Station. It's in an inconspicuous spot, so it hasn't been removed by the cleanup crew, but it's SO inconspicuous that I barely noticed it before I was too far beyond it to read all its contents. However, it appears to bear the title "Want UNSENSORED war coverage?", followed by a url that I didn't have time to read. All I could think was, "Yeah, 'unsensored', and apparently UNPROOFREAD as well". I have no faith in the accuracy of the content of any site whose owner can't be bothered to verify that his little clandestine sticker ads are correctly written.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Mark's gift for his 25-year anniversary of employment arrived today. It's a nice mahogany bench that he assembled after work. It's now outside our house. It's also under our awning, which puts it under the bird feeder... meaning that it's in the line of fire for dropped seeds and, er, other stuff. We'll have to get a cover for it if it's going to coexist with the bird feeder.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Aaaah, rats. The Flyers' season just came to an end a little while ago. In short order, the wheels fell off during the past two games. Well, the fact that we competed hard throughout, if not effectively on Saturday or tonight, makes the loss somewhat less difficult to swallow. I hate the thought that we won't be seeing these guys on the ice again until late summer. I hope they have the charity softball games over the summer again this year, like they did last year. That was nice.

It sure did look odd to see the guys all clean-shaven for their postgame interviews, though. I'd gotten used to seeing them with their playoff beards. Boy, but shaving those beards made them look younger!

Well, thanks, Flyers. You guys gave us a terrific season and a playoff run that was fabulous to watch. Now go home and mend all those dents and dings you've accumulated over the past few weeks, and we'll see you in training camp.
It's time to don the lucky Flyers jersey and watch the upcoming Flyers/Senators playoff game. If Ottawa wins, we're eliminated. If the Flyers win, we take the series to Game 7 and, hopefully, we eliminate the Senators on Wednesday.

Here's hoping that I'll be donning my lucky Flyers Jersey for a few more rounds' worth of games. :)
Here is a test post coming from a Windows CE handheld device. If I can send posts successfully from here, then I will definitely be able to update the blog when I am on the road. If not, then I'll know I have to keep a text file journal, and post the contents when I get home. OK, here's hoping the post goes through. :)
Welcome! I decided to create a blog to detail, among other things, the goings-on at the American Association of the Deaf-Blind convention in July. I've set it up well in advance, though, so I'd be able to get in plenty of experience at creating blog entries by the time the convention is in progress.

With any luck, I'll also find a way to post pictures, along with text, in the entries. In the meantime, I'll get my practice in by posting whatever thoughts, events, and interesting links I feel are worthy of sharing.