Monday, May 05, 2003

Aaaah, rats. The Flyers' season just came to an end a little while ago. In short order, the wheels fell off during the past two games. Well, the fact that we competed hard throughout, if not effectively on Saturday or tonight, makes the loss somewhat less difficult to swallow. I hate the thought that we won't be seeing these guys on the ice again until late summer. I hope they have the charity softball games over the summer again this year, like they did last year. That was nice.

It sure did look odd to see the guys all clean-shaven for their postgame interviews, though. I'd gotten used to seeing them with their playoff beards. Boy, but shaving those beards made them look younger!

Well, thanks, Flyers. You guys gave us a terrific season and a playoff run that was fabulous to watch. Now go home and mend all those dents and dings you've accumulated over the past few weeks, and we'll see you in training camp.

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