Tuesday, May 27, 2003

I just wrote a nice long post about how Mark and I spent our anniversary. However, due to a glitch that I think I caused, it appears to have gone to the ozone. GRRR...

For now, I'll post something for the "Things that make you go HMMMM" file. There's a sticker placed by someone right next to an escalator in Suburban Station. It's in an inconspicuous spot, so it hasn't been removed by the cleanup crew, but it's SO inconspicuous that I barely noticed it before I was too far beyond it to read all its contents. However, it appears to bear the title "Want UNSENSORED war coverage?", followed by a url that I didn't have time to read. All I could think was, "Yeah, 'unsensored', and apparently UNPROOFREAD as well". I have no faith in the accuracy of the content of any site whose owner can't be bothered to verify that his little clandestine sticker ads are correctly written.

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