Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Someone took my username in vain

What the frack? I got a "Welcome to Pandora" email for my gmail account, which is NOT the one I use when I register for online services. My real Pandora account has been up and running since 2007 or so.

So for kicks, I tried to log in with said gmail account. I did "forgot password", and sure enough, instead of an error message, I got a password-reset email. I reset the password, all right... to something of MY OWN choosing.

Whoever took my username in vain while creating a Pandora account, created a country music station for it. So I know for certain it was someone else's doing. Let whoever created the account, go and create another account under THEIR OWN freaking email address. I won't tolerate people trying to access mine, particularly strangers.

But at least I shouldn't run into this issue again with THIS email address. Whoever created the account just lost access to it. I trust they'll either use their own email addy or find someone else's address to usurp.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Eye Doctor

It's that time again! I'm sitting and waiting for the eye drops that dilate my pupils to take effect. I don't like how unfocused my vision gets when the drops are doing their thing. 

Oh, well. File it under "necessary evil". If I don't want my vision to be messed up like that 24/7, I have to keep up with these regular exams, including the annoying eye drops. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ta-da! All Done!

Bath Fitter

The Bath Fitter guy is here. Just one worker. Here is the "Before" image of our bathtub area.

Bummer about having to sacrifice the ceramic soap dish that's imbedded in the original tile. I don't even know if they make those anymore. But we HAVE to have the tub redone, because of issues with leaking. The work being done now will resolve that. While the end result will be walls and a tub that are installed right over the existing ones, some tiles will have to be removed to accommodate the new faucet setup (one central control instead of separate hot/cold controls). Plus, the aforementioned soap dish will have to go (drat), as will any tiles where leaking may have caused mold to grow behind them.

Baxter didn't bark at all when the worker first came in. But since I've put Baxter in his crate, and the worker has started hammering and chiseling, NOW the dog is having himself a nice barkfest. I can't say I blame him. If I didn't know what those noises were, I'd bark at them too.

The workman arranged multiple drop cloths along the entire path between the front door and bathroom, including a cloth that goes up the stairs. Good thing this isn't a big house, so he only needed 3 drop cloths. Who knows how many cloths they need to use when they're working in a large house?

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Captain Wuvs His Paw

Selfie Sticks

*sees that selfie sticks are banned from the Papal Mass area*

* buys a cane with a tripod thread hidden in the handle*

When I want a monopod with me, by gosh, I am going to HAVE a monopod with me. Selfie stick ban, shmelfie stick ban. And since I have no intention of being an ignoramus with said monopod, no one will have reason to object.