Friday, April 30, 2010

Tired of Being Tired

Mini and I had a nice long walk on Thursday afternoon. As I posted a few days ago, I try to take her out before the kids are out of school, since this is ideal weather for them to be running around outside and playing as soon as school's out.

I don't always get slammed with fatigue as badly as I did today, but boy did that fatigue hit like a ton of bricks during the walk. We walked a slightly circuitous route to Hartranft Street, where there is a long walk/jog path for area residents to use. Fortunately, there is a bench along that route, so when I got to it, I sat and rested a few minutes. Mini explored the area with interest. I'm sure that a lot of people walk dogs along that path, because she goes along sniffing the ground like a tiny bloodhound.

Anyway, after the little rest break, we walked two more blocks along the path, then two blocks back to where the bench was. I had to sit down again. I didn't relish the thought that I had a a few blocks left to walk to get home.

Eventually, I got up and pushed myself along until we got back to the house. It was wonderful weather, and I enjoyed seeing Mini reveling in the walk, but I wish I hadn't felt so all-fired awful.

It crossed my mind that I did the walk at 2 PM after not having eaten anything since breakfast. Hmm. Maybe my blood sugar was down. Note to self: eat lunch before going on long walks.

I know I'm under a doctor's care. (More than one doc, technically.) Still, I'm tired of feeling tired. This has been going on for months, in varying degrees (including months before I got diagnosed with anything and just thought the problem was from insomnia). I hope there aren't many more obstacles on the road to recovery, because this lack of energy is the pits.

Monday, April 26, 2010


I just had my second appointment with Specialist #3. Gesu, Maria, e Giuseppe. That was, without question, the most pain I've felt from any medical procedure in YEARS. And I've had dental work done sans novocaine. This freaking test had better come back with good results, because that was effing MURDER and I don't relish the thought of ever needing a repeat.

I realize that the pain is most likely caused by the condition Specialist #3 has been enlisted to treat, and that someone minus that problem would, I sincerely hope, be minus the pain as well. But GEEZE. Nobody told me in advance that the procedure might hurt at all, never mind hurt like that. Cripes almighty! That was worse than almost anything I ever felt in physical therapy, and that's saying something. I wish they had a way to numb the region in question beforehand. Specialist #3 said there's not, and I believe him. But I also think someone should CREATE a way to prevent that pain, because that was just bleeping brutal.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tiny Tailwags

I love watching Mini's little bitty tail wag. It's so cute to see it going a mile a minute. Sometimes I talk to her just to see it wag. :-)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday, Monday

I headed off to Specialist #3 yesterday. His verdict, after examining both me and the ultrasound results, was that there are two possibilities for treatment. One, *if* I am a candidate for it, would involve a procedure that I've forgotten the name of, but its purpose would be to cut off blood supply to the fibroid. Recovery time: 1-2 weeks. I have to go back next week for another test that will help determine if I am a candidate for that relatively non-invasive procedure.

The alternative, unfortunately, is major surgery with a 6-8 week recovery time. Needless to say, I am praying that I'm a candidate for the less-invasive of the two options. I want major surgery like I want a hole in the head.

In other news, Edie is staying with Jean and Joe J. this week, so Mark and I brought Mini down to introduce her to everybody. Karla and Al were there, so we got to congratulate Karla in person for her performance on Jeopardy. It was a nice night. Mini was well-doted-upon by everyone, but kept coming back to my lap for support and reassurance. She's definitely a Mama's girl.

John R had yet another angioplasty today. He was still having angina so they checked again and found another occlusion that needed to be cleared. Fortunately, all went well. Let's hope THIS time's the charm.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mini the Wee

Mark, Mini, and I just took a nice stroll around the neighborhood. Miss Mini has been good for me in a number of ways... because I *know* I have to get up in the morning for her bathroom run, I get up even if It means I'm dragging myself off the pillow. This, in turn, is helping me be tired at night, when I'm SUPPOSED to be sleepy and tired.

So Mini is helping me reset my internal clock to the time zone I live in, instead of a schedule better suited to someone living in Australia.

Plus, as I posted yesterday, she's a Cute Face Therapist. And her charm certainly works on me as well as on any neighbors who need a dose of Adorable.

In other pup-related news, we got the blood results back. She is able to undergo anesthesia, so now it's up to me to work with the rescue to see what bills they're willing and able to foot. I want her teeth done for certain, whether or not she's spayed. And if she needs to have both done, then I want it done at the same time so she only needs anesthesia one time.

However, she had a couple of slightly-off numbers that most likely indicate her kidneys are beginning to show some old-age slowing down. It's nothing that needs treatment yet, but it's something to keep an eye on. I hate to think of her having age-related issues, but at least they're not critical or serious right now. I'll just be religious about getting her bloodwork on time. I got the impression yesterday that they're still looking at annual testing, rather than anything more frequent, right now.

And now, it's time to relax. The cats have been good about coming over to me, even when Mini's close by, so we'll see just how many furballs I can manage to collect within arm's length as I sit on the sofa checking email. :-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mini the Good Neighbor

Mini and I just had a walkie outside. I figured it would be easier to take her out before the kids get out of school and start being kids, running around and making noise. That's what kids do, and in this weather it's the ideal way for them to occupy themselves, but I figured Mini would prefer a quieter walk where she could just follow her tiny nose and enjoy doing what DOGS do. I'm all about that whole "Best of both worlds" thing.

We met a neighbor I hadn't encountered before. He was an elderly gentleman, and I could see at first glance that he was in a wheelchair being pushed by an attendant. On closer inspection, I could see his legs were both amputated. He totally loved the sight of Mini, so I gave him a brief history of her age, breed, etc. Then I picked her up for him to pet her, and realized his left hand was also amputated and his right hand had suffered some damage. But he was able to pet her with it, which he did gladly.

I've had the theory of Cute Face Therapy for at least two decades now. That's where you look at something cute and instantly feel better. Well, Mini is now officially a Cute Face Therapist.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day Trips and Settling In

Today, we had a long outing with Mini that lasted most of the day. I was going to take a day trip with JFM to Chestnut Hill, but we are having some issues with the passenger seat of my car (the darn thing won't stay put when it's adjusted, but slides forward and back). And Mini was having some challenges adjusting to being in a carrier.

I'm not convinced she's ever been in a car in a carrier before. I'm thinking that she has been in someone's lap when she has ridden in cars, because she raised no objections to car riding on Saturday, when Mark drove and I had her in my lap. But sitting in a carrier, which is how it's going to be when I am the driver, was not floating her boat all that much.

So to make a long story short, we had lunch with one other friend at an outdoor cafe near Passyunk Avenue. (Unfortunately, they wouldn't let us indoors with Mini even if she was in the luggage-like dog carrier.) There are, it seems, some drawbacks to sitting at that particular outdoor cafe, as their tables are at the curb. Can you say CAR EXHAUST? Maybe they should move those tables closer to the wall of the building... MHO.

But the food was good. After that, we walked back to JFM's house. Once again, Mini and Francie the cat paid no mind to one another. They[re both little old ladies, so they've learned that there's not much worth getting worked up over. ;-)

Captain and Stanley are getting used to getting near the dog. By "near", I mean "within three feet" (Captain) and "within inches" (Stanley). In fact, as I type, we are having a nice breakthrough: all three of them have voluntarily parked themselves on the loveseat. Stanley is on one seat cushion, while Mini is on the other; Captain is on the back of the loveseat above Mini.

Consider me One Happy Camper. We have detente in this household after only 5 days.

Oh, and icing on the cake: the Flyers won the first game of their playoff series against the Devils, and the Phillies came back from behind to beat the Nationals.

Yeah, it's been a very good day. :-)

And none of the three of them cares one jot that the others are sitting there.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lou Nolan introduces the documentary

Lou Nolan introduces the documentary.

Private Screening of HBO's "Broad Street Bullied" at the Wach Center

Tonight, there is a private screening of the HBO Documentary <i>Broad Street Bullies</i> at the Wachovia Center. Season Ticket Holders are invited to watch it for free. I'm glad for the opportunity, as we don't subscribe to HBO so we won't be able to watch it on TV.

I'm looking forward to this, as this was the era during which I became a hockey fan.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

She's home!

Mini is home! She's still a tad bewildered, but is sticking to me like glue and is taking a nap on the sofa next to me.

Everybody loves her at the vet clinic, and at the PetSmart. And our retired neighbor Al is apparently a big softie for dogs -- he had a dog that lived to age 19 and he and his wife have a cat now. :-)

We met Mini and her previous foster mom at the vet clinic this afternoon, where Mini had blood drawn and a urine sample taken. (The results, which should be back by Monday, will tell us if she's able to have anesthesia for her spaying and dental work.) Mark brought the video camera for when we brought her home from the clinic. :-)

We made a brief stop at the PetSmart to pick up food and some last-minute items like doggie bath wipes and a brush. She got ooohed and aahed over in the store, then she got doted on by Al when we got home, and now she's glued to my side on the sofa. :-)

Captain and Stanley haven't officially met her yet. They're in the basement (where they normally stay when we're out of the house anyway). I'm quite sure the fur crew can all smell one another. I'll wait a few hours at least before doing the full intro.

So send a prayer that the bloodwork comes out good, and that the Furball Introduction goes smoothly.

Mini's awake, so it's time to resume petting. ;-) Later!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ohhhhh YEAH!


Karla won on Jeopardy tonight, so we get to watch again tomorrow!

She's still not allowed to tell us, in advance of the show's airing, how she did. So we'll all have to watch Jeopardy on Thursday to find out! :-)

WTG, Karla!


Karla's on Jeopardy! Tune in now! :-)

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wee Pooch :-)

Micro-doggie update: I am going to visit the Chihuahua I want to adopt in her foster home on Thursday, as well as accompany her and her fosterer to the vet on Saturday afternoon. It might be possible for me to take over as foster mom for the dog, which actually makes the most sense since I'm the one who wants to give her a forever home.

I had a good phone call with the fosterer today, regarding what's known for sure about Mini's health, which is "not lots, just yet". It's possible that she has no medical history to speak of, as in her original owners might not have taken her to the vet. The mere thought drives my blood pressure up. Getting a pet is a commitment to caring for the pet, or at least it SHOULD be. People make no sense to me sometimes.

BTW, if I spelled the dog's name "Minnie" in my original post about her, but I'm spelling it "Mini" now, that's how the foster mom spells it in emails. I'll decide how I want to spell it permanently later... right now, it's not a big deal either way as the dog won't be reading or writing her name any time soon. ;-)

She's on tramadol for her arthritic hips and knees. That's the same med *I* take, and for similar reasons. She can only handle so much exercise at a time, lest she be sore the next day, so I'll have to get a sense of how that works via firsthand experience. The dog is crate trained, which is great. Mostly what she likes to do is nap on a lap. I think I can oblige that without difficulty. :-)

I'm really psyched over Thursday's visit. Can you tell?

Monday, April 05, 2010

The good news: Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day and we spent part of Easter celebrating outside with my in-laws.

The bad news: apparently April is NOT too early for me to have a sun allergy problem. SURPRISE! I had an itch-fest a few hours after my stint sitting in the sun. Time to break out the sunblock.

Live and learn. Farging pain in the butt allergy.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

I actually touched the Wanamaker Organ!

I actually TOUCHED the Wanamaker Organ! I never thought I'd see the day.

Mike L. Did a great job with his concert.

We know today's organist for the daily concert on the Wanamaker Organ at Macy's in Center City, Philadelphia.

Meet me at the Eagle!

Meet me at the Eagle!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Dangit. What a bad few weeks it's been for favorite stores of mine. First of all, Relli's Bakery, the place where we got those great brutti e buoni Sicilian cookies, closed when the proprietor retired. How I wish he'd trained someone to take his place instead! It's hard to find authentic, old-school bakeries these days, largely because the bakers worked their tails off to put their kids through college and then the kids went out and got office jobs. Too bad a few more of them don't opt to go into the family business. :-(

Anyway, on the heels of this news, Mark just told me that Pearl Arts and Crafts on South Street has closed down. PHOOEY. I used to love that place. DOGGONE it, that's really disappointing. Stupid freaking economy. Thank goodness we still have AC Moore relatively close by, or there'd be no art supplies at all near South Philly on this side of the Delaware River.

Drat that these good stores have closed, with nothing springing up to take their place. :-(

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Darn it... remember that webcam link to the hummingbird's nest that I posted several days ago? A crow ate her latest clutch of eggs this morning.

Shoot. This clutch was lost to a crow. The previous clutch had one chick that died during the hatching process and one infertile egg. The clutch prior to that, neither chick survived. This spring has NOT been kind to our little hummingbird friend.

I hope her NEXT clutch hatches and matures. Come on, Mother Nature, give a tiny little birdie a break here.

In other news, I had a followup with the gastroenterologist today. As the tests he did revealed no GI problems, I need not see him again until three years from now when the next colonoscopy will be due.

However, we did discuss the ultrasound results, and I am being sent to yet another specialist. This time, however, at least we have a clue what's going on. I figured that if I had enough tests, we'd get to the bottom of the situation, and the ultrasound has helped us make progress on that score.

I hope to heck there's a nice, non-invasive solution for all of this. I know what the worst-case-scenario invasive resolution would be, and that's something I hope to avoid. However, it's not good to borrow trouble, as it were. I'm just going to make an appointment with Specialst #3 and take it from there.

Still MORE news: I'm definitely going through the process of adopting that darling little 10-year-old Chihuahua that I saw two Sundays ago. What a little sweetie! Right now, she's in foster care, and she is going through some vet checks so they can get a handle on just what her health situation is. I'm all in favor of that. Had they decided to adopt her out to me and have me do the vet checking, I'd have been willing to go that route, as well. But it looks like they're getting some bloodwork done for her and possibly a dental as well. (Which we already know she needs.) There's some anti-inflammatory stuff that she can get for some arthritic issues in hips and knees, and I don't mind medicating pets as needed. Goodness knows I have a ton of experience on that score already, with all these years of having cats.

So we'll see. Right now, my goal is to arrange a visit with her at the foster location, so I can get a good idea of what her daily routine is like, how much and how often she eats, takes walks, goes potty, gets medicated, etc.

Needless to say, I'll keep everyone posted. I *so* want this dog! :-)

OK, that's all the news that's fit to print. Later!