Monday, April 26, 2010


I just had my second appointment with Specialist #3. Gesu, Maria, e Giuseppe. That was, without question, the most pain I've felt from any medical procedure in YEARS. And I've had dental work done sans novocaine. This freaking test had better come back with good results, because that was effing MURDER and I don't relish the thought of ever needing a repeat.

I realize that the pain is most likely caused by the condition Specialist #3 has been enlisted to treat, and that someone minus that problem would, I sincerely hope, be minus the pain as well. But GEEZE. Nobody told me in advance that the procedure might hurt at all, never mind hurt like that. Cripes almighty! That was worse than almost anything I ever felt in physical therapy, and that's saying something. I wish they had a way to numb the region in question beforehand. Specialist #3 said there's not, and I believe him. But I also think someone should CREATE a way to prevent that pain, because that was just bleeping brutal.

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