Friday, April 30, 2010

Tired of Being Tired

Mini and I had a nice long walk on Thursday afternoon. As I posted a few days ago, I try to take her out before the kids are out of school, since this is ideal weather for them to be running around outside and playing as soon as school's out.

I don't always get slammed with fatigue as badly as I did today, but boy did that fatigue hit like a ton of bricks during the walk. We walked a slightly circuitous route to Hartranft Street, where there is a long walk/jog path for area residents to use. Fortunately, there is a bench along that route, so when I got to it, I sat and rested a few minutes. Mini explored the area with interest. I'm sure that a lot of people walk dogs along that path, because she goes along sniffing the ground like a tiny bloodhound.

Anyway, after the little rest break, we walked two more blocks along the path, then two blocks back to where the bench was. I had to sit down again. I didn't relish the thought that I had a a few blocks left to walk to get home.

Eventually, I got up and pushed myself along until we got back to the house. It was wonderful weather, and I enjoyed seeing Mini reveling in the walk, but I wish I hadn't felt so all-fired awful.

It crossed my mind that I did the walk at 2 PM after not having eaten anything since breakfast. Hmm. Maybe my blood sugar was down. Note to self: eat lunch before going on long walks.

I know I'm under a doctor's care. (More than one doc, technically.) Still, I'm tired of feeling tired. This has been going on for months, in varying degrees (including months before I got diagnosed with anything and just thought the problem was from insomnia). I hope there aren't many more obstacles on the road to recovery, because this lack of energy is the pits.

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