Friday, April 16, 2010

Mini the Good Neighbor

Mini and I just had a walkie outside. I figured it would be easier to take her out before the kids get out of school and start being kids, running around and making noise. That's what kids do, and in this weather it's the ideal way for them to occupy themselves, but I figured Mini would prefer a quieter walk where she could just follow her tiny nose and enjoy doing what DOGS do. I'm all about that whole "Best of both worlds" thing.

We met a neighbor I hadn't encountered before. He was an elderly gentleman, and I could see at first glance that he was in a wheelchair being pushed by an attendant. On closer inspection, I could see his legs were both amputated. He totally loved the sight of Mini, so I gave him a brief history of her age, breed, etc. Then I picked her up for him to pet her, and realized his left hand was also amputated and his right hand had suffered some damage. But he was able to pet her with it, which he did gladly.

I've had the theory of Cute Face Therapy for at least two decades now. That's where you look at something cute and instantly feel better. Well, Mini is now officially a Cute Face Therapist.

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