Saturday, April 10, 2010

She's home!

Mini is home! She's still a tad bewildered, but is sticking to me like glue and is taking a nap on the sofa next to me.

Everybody loves her at the vet clinic, and at the PetSmart. And our retired neighbor Al is apparently a big softie for dogs -- he had a dog that lived to age 19 and he and his wife have a cat now. :-)

We met Mini and her previous foster mom at the vet clinic this afternoon, where Mini had blood drawn and a urine sample taken. (The results, which should be back by Monday, will tell us if she's able to have anesthesia for her spaying and dental work.) Mark brought the video camera for when we brought her home from the clinic. :-)

We made a brief stop at the PetSmart to pick up food and some last-minute items like doggie bath wipes and a brush. She got ooohed and aahed over in the store, then she got doted on by Al when we got home, and now she's glued to my side on the sofa. :-)

Captain and Stanley haven't officially met her yet. They're in the basement (where they normally stay when we're out of the house anyway). I'm quite sure the fur crew can all smell one another. I'll wait a few hours at least before doing the full intro.

So send a prayer that the bloodwork comes out good, and that the Furball Introduction goes smoothly.

Mini's awake, so it's time to resume petting. ;-) Later!

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Karla said...

Oh how cute.

She's ten years old and not spayed yet? Did she ever have puppies?