Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday, Monday

I headed off to Specialist #3 yesterday. His verdict, after examining both me and the ultrasound results, was that there are two possibilities for treatment. One, *if* I am a candidate for it, would involve a procedure that I've forgotten the name of, but its purpose would be to cut off blood supply to the fibroid. Recovery time: 1-2 weeks. I have to go back next week for another test that will help determine if I am a candidate for that relatively non-invasive procedure.

The alternative, unfortunately, is major surgery with a 6-8 week recovery time. Needless to say, I am praying that I'm a candidate for the less-invasive of the two options. I want major surgery like I want a hole in the head.

In other news, Edie is staying with Jean and Joe J. this week, so Mark and I brought Mini down to introduce her to everybody. Karla and Al were there, so we got to congratulate Karla in person for her performance on Jeopardy. It was a nice night. Mini was well-doted-upon by everyone, but kept coming back to my lap for support and reassurance. She's definitely a Mama's girl.

John R had yet another angioplasty today. He was still having angina so they checked again and found another occlusion that needed to be cleared. Fortunately, all went well. Let's hope THIS time's the charm.

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