Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mini the Wee

Mark, Mini, and I just took a nice stroll around the neighborhood. Miss Mini has been good for me in a number of ways... because I *know* I have to get up in the morning for her bathroom run, I get up even if It means I'm dragging myself off the pillow. This, in turn, is helping me be tired at night, when I'm SUPPOSED to be sleepy and tired.

So Mini is helping me reset my internal clock to the time zone I live in, instead of a schedule better suited to someone living in Australia.

Plus, as I posted yesterday, she's a Cute Face Therapist. And her charm certainly works on me as well as on any neighbors who need a dose of Adorable.

In other pup-related news, we got the blood results back. She is able to undergo anesthesia, so now it's up to me to work with the rescue to see what bills they're willing and able to foot. I want her teeth done for certain, whether or not she's spayed. And if she needs to have both done, then I want it done at the same time so she only needs anesthesia one time.

However, she had a couple of slightly-off numbers that most likely indicate her kidneys are beginning to show some old-age slowing down. It's nothing that needs treatment yet, but it's something to keep an eye on. I hate to think of her having age-related issues, but at least they're not critical or serious right now. I'll just be religious about getting her bloodwork on time. I got the impression yesterday that they're still looking at annual testing, rather than anything more frequent, right now.

And now, it's time to relax. The cats have been good about coming over to me, even when Mini's close by, so we'll see just how many furballs I can manage to collect within arm's length as I sit on the sofa checking email. :-)

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