Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wee Pooch :-)

Micro-doggie update: I am going to visit the Chihuahua I want to adopt in her foster home on Thursday, as well as accompany her and her fosterer to the vet on Saturday afternoon. It might be possible for me to take over as foster mom for the dog, which actually makes the most sense since I'm the one who wants to give her a forever home.

I had a good phone call with the fosterer today, regarding what's known for sure about Mini's health, which is "not lots, just yet". It's possible that she has no medical history to speak of, as in her original owners might not have taken her to the vet. The mere thought drives my blood pressure up. Getting a pet is a commitment to caring for the pet, or at least it SHOULD be. People make no sense to me sometimes.

BTW, if I spelled the dog's name "Minnie" in my original post about her, but I'm spelling it "Mini" now, that's how the foster mom spells it in emails. I'll decide how I want to spell it permanently later... right now, it's not a big deal either way as the dog won't be reading or writing her name any time soon. ;-)

She's on tramadol for her arthritic hips and knees. That's the same med *I* take, and for similar reasons. She can only handle so much exercise at a time, lest she be sore the next day, so I'll have to get a sense of how that works via firsthand experience. The dog is crate trained, which is great. Mostly what she likes to do is nap on a lap. I think I can oblige that without difficulty. :-)

I'm really psyched over Thursday's visit. Can you tell?

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