Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day Trips and Settling In

Today, we had a long outing with Mini that lasted most of the day. I was going to take a day trip with JFM to Chestnut Hill, but we are having some issues with the passenger seat of my car (the darn thing won't stay put when it's adjusted, but slides forward and back). And Mini was having some challenges adjusting to being in a carrier.

I'm not convinced she's ever been in a car in a carrier before. I'm thinking that she has been in someone's lap when she has ridden in cars, because she raised no objections to car riding on Saturday, when Mark drove and I had her in my lap. But sitting in a carrier, which is how it's going to be when I am the driver, was not floating her boat all that much.

So to make a long story short, we had lunch with one other friend at an outdoor cafe near Passyunk Avenue. (Unfortunately, they wouldn't let us indoors with Mini even if she was in the luggage-like dog carrier.) There are, it seems, some drawbacks to sitting at that particular outdoor cafe, as their tables are at the curb. Can you say CAR EXHAUST? Maybe they should move those tables closer to the wall of the building... MHO.

But the food was good. After that, we walked back to JFM's house. Once again, Mini and Francie the cat paid no mind to one another. They[re both little old ladies, so they've learned that there's not much worth getting worked up over. ;-)

Captain and Stanley are getting used to getting near the dog. By "near", I mean "within three feet" (Captain) and "within inches" (Stanley). In fact, as I type, we are having a nice breakthrough: all three of them have voluntarily parked themselves on the loveseat. Stanley is on one seat cushion, while Mini is on the other; Captain is on the back of the loveseat above Mini.

Consider me One Happy Camper. We have detente in this household after only 5 days.

Oh, and icing on the cake: the Flyers won the first game of their playoff series against the Devils, and the Phillies came back from behind to beat the Nationals.

Yeah, it's been a very good day. :-)

And none of the three of them cares one jot that the others are sitting there.

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