Monday, May 03, 2010

Good News and Blah News

I've got some good news and not-so-good news today.

The good news: All went well when we brought Mini for a long day out at my sister-in-law's, as part of my brother-in-law's 60th birthday party. All the humans had a great time, and Mini was very well-behaved and liked all the doting she got.

Bad news #1: my mother-in-law was under the weather with a stomach virus and couldn't be there. My father-in-law stayed home with her. I hope she's feeling better in time for Mother's Day on Sunday. I hated to see them miss the b-day party, but I know that sometimes the three best things for fighting off a bug are rest, rest, and rest. Phooey on stomach trouble.

Bad news #2: Mini ate lunchmeat at the party yesterday, as well as a little bit of junk food (little bits of tortilla chips), resulting in, shall we say, two different types of digestive issues today. That's the end of feeding her non-dog-food... next time we're going to be out of the house at dinner time, I'm bringing a sandwich baggie of dog food. Live and learn.

Also, it seems that I've used the last of my migraine medication. I could have sworn I had two more doses, but no luck. I guess the last one I used, the "carry in the purse for emergencies" dose, was the last one. I hasten to add that it's great that I haven't had a migraine since late last year. Going MONTHS between migraines is excellent. But unfortunately, my head's not doing so well at the moment and being out of medicine is a great big BOO HISS. I went to my old standby, Alka-Seltzer, which is the OTC med I used to take for migraines before I got the prescription.

Oh, well. I guess I'll be on the phone tomorrow getting the Imitrex script renewed.

We did get a good walk in today for Mini, between her bouts of digestive rebellion and before my head started to feel like it was going to fall off. She was great with the two little dogs we met during the course of the walk. Sometimes she ignores other dogs, sometimes she barks at them, but today she was all kinds of friendly. :-) Good girl.

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