Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yesterday, while I was walking the dog, I saw a young robin hopping around. But his tail feathers were so short, I'm not convinced he was old enough to be on the ground. I think his wings/tail feathers need more time to develop.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get quite as close to him as I would have liked. I wanted a better look at those tail feathers, but the birdie had other ideas. Though Mini showed no real interest in the robin, the bird wanted no parts of me or the dog and kept running away. Smart bird. At least he knows enough to avoid potential predators. I'm hoping the parent birds will still feed him while he's on the ground, if he hasn't got enough feather growth to get back into the trees.

I'll be out on foot, sans the dog, at some point today to go vote. I'll keep an eye open when I'm in the general area where I saw the robin yesterday. Without the dog, I'll have both hands free to possibly boost the little guy into the nearest tree, should I happen to find him still on the ground and not ready for flight.

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