Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Darn heat

This darn heat. I am going out relatively late in the day to walk the dog, but that's only been a limited help. The sidewalk is still hot, and there's only so much one can do for one's dog when she's tiny and her legs only raise her a few inches above the hot pavement.

She seems to have figured out independently, at least sometimes, that walking on grass is cooler and so is walking in the limited amount of shade we have. But still, we've cut the walks short the past few days due to the dog just getting way too hot.

And this is WITH my giving her water every half block or so once she starts panting. I think she actually recognizes the command, "Drink your water", because she seems to be responding to it by taking a couple laps of water.

I also have a misting bottle. She's not over-fond of that, but she'll stand there and put up with it, albeit with a droopy tail and a sad face, when I wet her down a bit.

We just got back home a few minutes ago and she was still panting a lot. I lowered the temp of the AC a few degrees, turned on the big fan in the living room to circulate the air, misted the dog and sat her in front of one of my small fans. THEN she was all tail-wags and happy doggy faces, so it must have felt good.

Five minutes later, no more panting. She's all better. :-)

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