Monday, September 22, 2008

I'd like to swat these pains-in-my-rump who spam the forum pages. If I see one more freakin' counterfeit designer shoe ad, I'll scream.

I actually had to ban two people and remove six spam ads this morning, while USING MY CELL PHONE. Thank God for wireless internet. I was attending the Flyers training camp when I got wind that the forum had been spammed. I couldn't let it sit for hours until I got home. It would have annoyed me for the rest of the morning, knowing that garbage was on the forum. So I logged in from my cell phone, banned the offending users, and deleted their ads one by one.

A pox on spammers in general, and an extra pox on the numbskulls whose junk ads made me interrupt doing something I enjoy, watching the Flyers, just to delete their nonsense from the OLPC discussion boards. Counterfeit designer shoes, my foot -- I'd like to thwack the freaking spammers upside the freaking HEAD with a shoe. GRRR...!

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