Wednesday, September 10, 2008

90 degrees, yay!

Today, I got my left knee to bend as far as 90 degrees. That's a noticeable improvement over the past two days, when I was first given the all-clear from the doc to start moving the knee.

This, BTW, is part of the reason why the knee is so sore. When I encounter the "this far and no farther" flex limit, I try to either keep it there as long as I can stand it (because hitting the limit *hurts*) or I give it a little, teeny "Let's see if I can get it a fraction of a degree more" for a few seconds before I let up.

I'm not going to push it to the point of risking damage. I'm not foolish. But I've been through this before. The better I can get my range of motion on my own, the less I'll have to have a physical therapist perform that task for me. And believe me, even though what I'm doing NOW hurts, it's nothing compared to what it feels like when the therapist does it.

Anyone reading this who's had physical therapy knows what I mean. The rest of you, I hope, will NEVER know what I mean. It's about as far from "fun" as it gets.

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