Thursday, September 25, 2008

We got off to an interesting start this morning -- a power failure that kicked in some time before 5 AM. Welcome to "breakfast by flashlight". Fortunately, the electricity came back on at about 7:10.

Now I remember why they schedule physical therapy sessions for every other day, and not on consecutive days. My left knee is noticeably warmer to the touch than the right knee. It's leftover inflammation from having put it through its paces yesterday.

I expected the knee to be warm to the touch in the timespan immediately following the therapy session. But I'm surprised that it's STILL warm 20 hours later. Wow. I don't remember that symptom lasting this long the last time I went through this sort of regimen.

Blah. Recuperation is tedious. Take my advice: don't get into conflict with the force of gravity. You'll save yourself a bunch of aggravation. :-P

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