Monday, September 08, 2008


My parents' cell phone appears to be broken. It looks fine, 'till you actually try to USE it. The only thing it wants to do is call its voice mail. Powering it off/on, and removing/replacing the battery, had no effect on this.

They have about a bazillion minutes stored up on their carrier's old pre-pay plan. When they replace the phone, they might have to change to the carrier's current pre-pay rules, which I think cost more per month. If possible, I'd like to see them get a new phone without having to alter the plan they're subscribed to.

Whatever happens, they had better get their tons of minutes transferred over if they change plans. There's a good amount of their money in the wireless carrier's pocket right now.

If the wireless carrier gives my parents a hard time, I hope they tell me, because I *will* step in and insist on getting some straight answers. What good is it to have the Queen of Nerds in your family, unless you take advantage of the opportunity? ;)

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