Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Update on John R.: the fluid they found in his lung area appears to be some sort of asthma-related inflammation, rather than pneumonia or blod-clot-related.

My first thought was, "He's got ASTHMA, too? Diabetes, heart trouble and kidney failure weren't enough? SIGH".

Now that he's had the bypass and his heart pumping blood more efficiently, the people at the dialysis unit are still recalculating his dry weight so they can take the proper amount of fluid out of his system during treatments. Apparently, they haven't quite arrived at the correct formula yet, because the dialysis didn't take out this excess fluid whose appearance has landed him in the hospital.

I'm relieved that the cause of all this wasn't a more serious crisis. On the other hand, with the number of health issues he's dealing with, few or no unexpected symptoms can be brushed off as being minor or of no consequence. They did the right thing by admitting him to the hospital.

If all goes well, he should come home on Thursday. Thank God.

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