Monday, September 22, 2008

A *great* hockey day! :)

Thank You, God.

I got to see Max O. practice this morning at Training Camp, I got to see the Phantoms defeat Lowell in OT during their preseason game this afternoon, *AND* I was given two tickets to see the Flyers/Devils game tonight by a fellow fan who couldn't use them.

And THEN, not only did the Flyers beat their major rival the Devils, but Max O. played in the third period of tonight's game and was flawless. The only puck that got past him, no goalie could have stopped.

I couldn't be happier about all these things.

My left knee, on the other hand, is using some seriously unprintable vocabulary at the moment. I've had a VERY full schedule, three days in a row, and it's feeling it. Guess what? It had better get used to it. I need to get back to normal activity, and the only way to do it is to DO it.

Tomorrow, Mark needs the car because he's got a dentist's appointment. I think I'll take public transit to the rink. I realize that means I'll spend a good three times as long commuting as I'll spend watching practice, but hey. Did I mention I want to get back to regular activity levels?

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