Friday, September 26, 2008

AGAIN the demon of insomnia rears its head. Shoot. I have to be up early in the morning for a Physical Therapy session. So it doesn't matter if I get plenty of sleep or next-to-none, I have to be up and out of here in time for Round 3 of "Gotta go through pain to get the gain".

This will be a busy day, all ways round. Not only have I got therapy in the morning, but I have a wedding to attend late this afternoon, and the reception is this evening. (Yes, the couple is getting married on a Friday.) I need to be there a little early because I'm reporting to the choir loft to help the organist: I'm the Designated Page Turner for the sheet music. :)

Good news, BTW: the organist in question is John R, for whom I requested prayers recently. He is back to working his regular schedule again, after recuperating from the bypass. THANK GOD.

OK, time for me to at least ATTEMPT to get some rest. Good nght, morning, or what-have-you. ;)

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