Monday, September 15, 2008

This is a can't-win-for-losing segment of the recuperation process. Crutches are terribly awkward when climbing the stairs to the second floor. I thought I'd try a cane one time to see how it went.

I don't think my left leg is ready for that just yet. It just didn't feel stable enough. :( It hurt and felt... uh, actually it's a strange sensation I've never felt before, so it's hard to put into words. "Wobbly", maybe? Blah. I don't know. What I do know is the sooner my leg muscles are stronger, the better. Canes are a lot less cumbersome to use when navigating on stairs.

Another thing I do know is that it was great to have the Other Donna down here in Philly for the weekend. But oh my, did I ever conk out and sleep when the visit was over! I went kaput and slept for five hours yesterday afternoon, then followed it up with a full night's sleep. This was the first time I've had two full days of normal activity levels since prior to the surgery, and boy did I feel it. Heck, I STILL feel it. I'm a little surprised at my energy levels, or lack thereof. I guess it takes more resources than I'd realized for my body to knit itself back together.

The fatigue is worth it, though. I look forward to being back into the swing of things.

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