Sunday, September 07, 2008

Honest to GOSH, I would like to send a Nobel Prize to the person who invented this Cryo/Cuff. It's a zillion times more convenient than the ice pack/ace bandage combo I spent a week grappling with.

It looks like this:

To fill it, hook up the tube, raise the cooler 15 inches above the brace, open the air vent. Ice water drains from the cooler into the brace. When it's full, disconnect the tube and you're good to go for an hour or so.

To empty it, hook up the tube, situate the cooler below the brace, open the air vent. Water drains from the cuff back into the cooler (which has a bunch of ice in it) and cools off again. A few minutes later, the brace can be filled with cold water. Repeat process as needed.

The ice/water in the cooler is good for about 6-8 hours before it needs to be replenished. It's so much more convenient, and uses less ice, than limping back and forth to the freezer every time the ice pack contents have melted away. Also, unlike an ice pack, the brace doesn't soak everything it touches with condensation and it doesn't fall on the floor every time you move the wrong way.

Add my name to the list of Very Satisfied Customers. :)

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