Thursday, September 04, 2008

Attempt 2 to post this to the blog

Oh, boy. This is turning into some week. I'm glad we started off very well with a nice Labor Day BBQ at Karla and Al's, then a successful replacement of the dead central air conditioner. (Bonus side effect of this: happy, frisky, cuddly cats.)

Anyway, it's good that this week began well, because it's had a few tough things mixed in. John R., though he's home from the hospital, might have congestive heart failure. No one knows for sure what triggered his symptoms of fluid in the lungs. ARGH. (Oh, and btw, even though he is still wheezing, he got discharged from the hospital. Gotta love medical insurance bean counters. Don't get me started.)

Then my mom called to tell me that my cousin Tony's paternal grandmother is critically ill. She is in her 90s, God bless her, but things are not looking good. Tony and I are related on our mothers' side of the family, but still, his dad's side of the family is an extended family to us, and hearing that his grandmom is in a bad way is unhappy news.

Next, my parents are trying to determine when they can go visit Aunt Rita. Seems that Aunt Rita is going through a major refresher on what exactly comprises allowable food and portions for a diabetic's diet. It appears that at least one reason her sugar was extremely elevated is that she mistakenly thought some things were in keeping with her diet, when they really weren't. In a way, that's good news, because it might mean that she can keep controlling her sugar with diet and pill-based meds. I know she doesn't want to graduate to insulin shots if she doesn't have to. She's 82, and she needs a drastic change like that like she needs a hole in the head.

I have a few things scheduled in the next two weeks, but if my parents head to Brigantine on a day that I can go, I want to go.

Meanwhile, JFM's brother (battling brain cancer) had a rough night last night, and as far as I can tell, there's no significant update on the two family friends (of my parents' generation) who are battling colon and breast cancer, respectively.

So when you're making your list of people to pray for and/or send good thoughts to, please remember all these people. It's just an unending parade of people facing serious medical things on my dad's side of the family, my mom's side of the family, my friends, and my parents' friends.

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