Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Once again, I've spent a mostly-sleepless night. Phooey.

Thursday's going to be an insane day with appointments, but one of them is with my primary care doctor. I'm going to have a word with him about this accursed insomnia. There are ways to manage this, and flying solo just doesn't cut it anymore.

Oh, speaking of primary care docs: remember when my doctor's partner saw my baseball-bat cane and wanted one? He did, in fact, order one online. :) The baseball bat also was a big hit, no pun intended, when I went to physical therapy on Monday. I'm glad to be able to spread some humor, even about things as aggravating as mobility problems. Heck, ESPECIALLY about things as aggravating as mobility problems. Might as well find whatever amusement there is in any situation that were confronted with. It sure beats moping around having a pity party.

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