Monday, October 06, 2008

Knee Knews

I had my latest followup with the orthopedic surgeon today. I told him about the mishap in church yesterday morning, where when I went to bend my knee, instead of moving as it should, the kneecap "stuck" where it was, causing me to pull I-know-not-what soft tissue and leaving me in pain from then on.


-- prescription for a type of knee brace that will help the kneecap track properly

-- prescription for continuation of physical therapy

-- increase ibuprofen from 3x/day to the max of 4x/day (don't tell him, but I was considering doing that on my own)

Also, I asked for some specifics about the arthritis in the knee and found that it's "moderate, leaning toward severe". Farg. I was hoping that it was a bit less worn-and-torn than that in there. Then again, given the symptoms that have developed over the years, I can't honestly express surprise at that diagnosis.

-- Followup appointment in 1 month

I'm off to put ice on it again. I medicated at 9 AM and I'm still waiting for something resembling pain relief to result.(Or, and this is a scary thought, maybe this IS the pain relief and without the ibuprofen I'd be feeling even worse.) Either way, I can't take another ibuprofen for three hours. Hence, ice is my friend.

I guess I can call it a blessing in disguise that I had the knee-related mishap the day BEFORE the orthopedist's visit, and not the day AFTER.

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