Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mark's standing outside waiting for the tow truck.

My car won't run for any real length of time without stalling.

It hasn't run right since July, really, but since both our cars failed at once, but it had to wait because it's been an expensive few months. Mark's car had multiple issues flare up in succession, so each of those had to be dealt with, and while this was going on, our A/C died and had to be replaced. Also while this was going on, I had the surgery and couldn't drive for a few weeks, so at that point it didn't matter that my car wasn't usable.

But now I keep borrowing Mark's car a few times a week for doctor's appointments, physical therapy, and (though not in the last two weeks) trips to NJ to see the Flyers practice. It's time to get us back to being a two-car family again, since we're at a point where we actually do both need to use a car and the schedules are starting to conflict.

So let's hope that whatever's causing my car to stall is easily detected and won't break the fargin' bank. I want a new car, but that's not likely until next year at this point.

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