Friday, October 24, 2008


Well, the Phillies and Rays are now tied at one game apiece. Phillies fans are cursing the name of the home plate ump, who fouled up a couple of times, significantly, in favor of Tampa. Oh, well, on to Game 3 and it's time to MURDALIZE THE RAYS.

In other news, I had physical therapy on consecutive days for the first time. My Monday appointment got moved to Wednesday due to a migraine, and I had therapy on Thursday as well. Whew. That's not something I'd like to repeat unless it's absolutely necessary. I need the time to recuperate between sessions, if it's at all possible. My knee is cursing me up and down right now.

But the good news is this: the therapist heard the noises the knee makes today. He was stretching the leg, which is the final part of the therapy session before the 15 minutes of being iced down, and the knee put on a freakin' concert. (It doesn't normally do that during a stretching session.) So now he has a good idea of what's going on in there.

Oh, some good news on the therapy front: I've actually improved to the point where they've *removed* an exercise that I no longer need. My range of motion is good, thank heavens, so a particular exercise I was doing is no longer necessary. It's just the muscle loss that needs to be remedied now. One out of two is a good start.

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