Monday, October 27, 2008

Red October

Today at physical therapy, I was rockin' the old-school maroon and dusty blue throwback Phillies colors. I haven't got an actual old-style Phillies shirt, but I do have a shirt that matches the maroon, and shorts that match the blue, of the unis the Phillies wore in 1980.

The reason for this is that I only have one current-Phillies-red shirt left that's not in the hamper, and I wanted to wear it during tonight's game. To keep it clean until then, I decided to go with the old-school Phillies colors.

GO PHILLIES, and here's to seeing Philadelphia fans celebrating in profusion tonight, as well as for the forseeable future. :) We're sure to see plenty of old- and new-school Phillies gear, if things go the way we'd like them to.

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