Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wow, THAT beeping horn that just passed by was a tractor-trailer! :) Impressive!

Wait until the photos of the various intersections of Broad Street hit the papers tomorrow. On TV, they showed Broad and Pattison, and Broad and Snyder, and both of them are JAMMED with wall-to-wall Phillies fans. Heck, they showed an intersection in Mayfair (NE Philly, if my memory serves) and THAT was completely mobbed with Phillies fans. They're nowhere near the Sports Complex, but they're out there celebrating and going bananas, so it's not just a phenomenon that's caused by proximity to the team's home field.

OMG, Chickie's and Pete's is going insane. They're showing that on TV now and everyone is going cuckoo. I love it. :)

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