Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yesterday, Ann Marie's daughter Catherine got married. Catherine and her brother John are in their 20s now. This is just another huge reminder of how quickly time passes, because we've known Ann Marie and her kids since her kids WERE kids and their ages were barely into double digits.

So when I saw Catherine walking up the aisle yesterday, being escorted by her brother, all I could think was, "Katie and John-John! OMG, they've grown up!" :)

God bless Catherine and her new husband Sean. I know she's a wonderful young lady, and I think she's chosen an extremely nice young man. I wish them all the best now and always.


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Donna said...

You're older. :)

Boy, you 45-year-olds sure are grouchy. I shall endeavor to avoid being a grump when I eventually reach that esteemed age.

(In 3.5 weeks. Eeeeek.)