Saturday, July 05, 2008

PHL and XO

Oops. I have this habit of whistling along with the tune, when I'm listening to music.This is probably not a good idea while I'm sitting at the gate at the airport, waiting for my plane to arrive/start boarding. :) It will draw glares from my fellow passengers.The good news is that I was able to explain to six people (and counting) who enquired about the XO what the mission of the OLPC project is. :) Score one for the little green machine! I'm glad it has a distinctive appearance, because they would never have taken a second look at a machine that appeared just like every other notebook computer. One guy even knew what the XO was on sight, and was glad to meet one in person. :)I'd call this a good day so far, and I haven't even gotten on the plane yet.

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