Saturday, July 19, 2008


I got my jury-duty letter in the mail a day or two ago. As it's slated for the date I chose when I rescheduled the jury duty last April, I already had the date and times entered in my cell phone calendar. It's good to have the hard-copy of the information on hand, however.I set it for a day in August. If Mark's employer goes on strike, it will be in August and as a manager, he will be working 6-day weeks for the duration. So I figured we wouldn't be making vacation plans this August, and it'd be safe to have jury duty then.IF they even need me, that is. As before, I have to call their automated system the night prior to my scheduled service date, and then I'll find out whether I'm required to report or am excused. We shall see how things play out when the time comes.

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