Monday, July 14, 2008


Not only is my car unusable (see: yesterday's posts), but Mark brought HIS car to the mechanic this morning and it's not done yet. It needed a new radiator (done), a new fan (not done), and they're still working on the problem with the acceleration (see: posts from a week or two ago).

We went from being a two-car family to a zero-car family in the space of two days. #@=$*&%!!!

I wouldn't be quite so ticked off, except that the PPPC Meeting is in Voorhees tonight instead of at Bullies in the Spectrum. Farging figures, the one time we needed the meeting to be within walking distance, it's in NJ. I emailed the minutes to the President, and gave him a call telling him all this.

This week has been a bill-fest so far. Between the cats' vet bills for the dental work (a bill we expected) and the repairs on BOTH cars (an unpleasant surprise), all I can say is I hope nothing ELSE goes awry any time soon. My patience is about at its limit as far as mishaps go.

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