Monday, July 07, 2008

I realized today that if we could just harness the energy from the wagging tails of happy dogs, we would be able to stop using fossil fuels. I have seen hundreds of guide dogs over the past few days, and I have been bopped by the wagging tails of most of them. :o)

As I posted before, Labrador Retriever fans neeeeed to make a beeline to Louisville immediately. It's doggie heaven here. Even if we can't actually pay attention to the dogs, they're still here, we can still see them.and they're still adorable. :o)

We got to see some amazing devices today. One was from Abisee, Inc. It's a camera that scans priint material like pages from a paperback book, and renders them in speech or braille. KC was interested because it can be used for things like reading mail and bills.

The other device is a cell phone with a camera and software that can also be used to take a picture of printed matter. In this case, it converts the picture contents into large print on the cell phone screen, and speech. KC was able to attach her neck loop to the cell phone, and hear the speech through the cochlear implants. They had to slow the speech down in order for her to understand it, but she got it.

These things are priceless. Anythiing that can render printed matter accessible to people with vision loss will be a godsend.

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