Friday, July 25, 2008


Captain: the original Short Attention Span Kitty. Know how long he remembered his lession of not to conceal himself in the bathtub, lest he accidentally be closed into the bathroom? Less than 24 hours.

A little while ago, I was in the bathroom, and Captain made a beeline for the bathtub. He's all about being a stealth kitty and hiding himself behind the shower curtain. The trouble is, he was a bit TOO stealthy yesterday and wound up shut inside the bathroom for a good three hours.

I wasn't about to let the same thing happen again today, so I pushed the curtain aside. "GET OUTTA THERE. Didn't we already go through this yesterday?"

Captain responded to his reprimand by exiting the bathroom and scooting to the far end of the hallway, from whence he could look at me in the bathroom and make Mournful Faces. Mean old Meowmy won't let him play in the bathtub, and that hurts his stripey feelings.

When I exited the bathroom, Captain and Stanley were both there, so I gave them both pets and scritches. They both responded with their favorite word: "PURRRRR". Captain's no longer making sad faces at me. Sometimes, Short Attention Spans can be good things. :)

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