Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I feel sick. The greedy M[aternal]F[ornicat]ing b@st@rds are definitely killing the Spectrum. The paperwork is done. They were granted the legal right to develop the land any way they saw fit, back in 1996, and it's taken them 12 years, but they're deciding to cash in on it.

Or at least, they THINK they're cashing in. Click the "Fargin' Bastages" label to see my past posts on the topic, and my opinions of their project, because I'm not up to revisiting it this morning.

I wish them to feel all the emotions that they're causing in the people who oppose the project.

BTW, I couldn't even get my mind entirely off this limb-of-Satan "Philly Live!" project even when I was in Louisville for a week. Why? Because the same developers who are preparing to F up Broad and Pattison already F'ed up a perfectly good mall in Louisville that was four blocks from our hotel. Six years ago, I shopped in that mall and it had a bunch of non-chain stores mixed in with the big-name chain establishments. I loved it.

Now the little mom-and-pop places and the mall are gone, and in their place is a bunch of big name eateries like TGI Fridays. The only remnants that I could see of the former mall area were the CVS and the US Post Office. I know it's the same developers because they called their new thing "4th Street Live!" -- the same naming convention they have for all their projects. I looked it up on the internet, just to be certain, and sure enough, the developers' name that I've come to loathe was attached to the project. I closed the browser window. That was all that I needed to see. They took a locale that had a unique charm, and stores I couldn't have found anywhere else, and they put in a bunch of chain restaurants that I can eat in no matter what city I'm visiting. This is what we have to look forward to here. Whoop-de-do.

When Mark was looking through the local newspaper for a place to eat on Friday night, the only stipulation I had was, "I'm not patronizing 4th Street Live. I'll eat anywhere else." Fortunately, there were plenty of alternatives to choose from that were completely unconnected to that... thing.


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