Thursday, July 24, 2008


Whoops! Captain apparently hid himself in the bathtub this morning when I went into the bathroom. All I know is that I closed the door when I left the room, and subsequently wondered why I was only seeing Stanley and Captain was nowhere to be found. Even breaking out the kitty treats didn't coax Captain out of whatever nook he'd chosen to nap in.

Until, that is, I went back to the bathroom a few hours later and opened the door. Out came an orange-and-white blur saying "MRRRRP!", who then proceeded to come back into the bathroom to mew his sad tale of woe to me. Poor kitty! Of course, he got a bunch of doting and scritches for his troubles.

When I was ready to leave the bathroom, Captain took notice and barreled out of the room as though monsters were chasing him. LOL. Poor li'l guy. Lesson learned. For now.

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