Saturday, July 19, 2008

News from JFM... without treatment, his brother's prognosis is poor and there probably isn't a lot of time left. I'm not sure how much time it would buy his brother, should he decide to go through with the treatment.

However, the treatments in question span over a lot of days and weeks, and the fact remains that he just plain might not WANT to go through all that. He's a grown man, is still of sound enough mind to make his own decision on that score, and if he genuinely doesn't want weeks of radiation then IMO he is within his rights to decline it. JFM understands this, and will resepct his brother's wishes either way, but other close relatives might well have a lot more difficulty accepting that decision. (Understatement of the eon.)

I do feel saddened by the whole thing, particularly since losing his brother will be hard on all of JFM's family, whether or not he opts to buy himself more time by acquiescing to the treatments.


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