Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mark and I just came back from a nice dinner cruise on the Ohio River on the Belle of Louisville. We thoroughly enjoyed it, as did my mascot, Hat Trick. :) Joe M texted me, "Where's his life preserver? I'm going to report you to the Doll Endangerment Authorities'. :) Never fear, I have a photo taken on my regular camera that shows Hat Trick sitting in the Belle of Louisville's life ring.

We got KC to her plane, which was quite a production number. Then again, what isn't a production number in our crowd? ;) In this case, we got to curbside check-in and, as the gentleman checking us in could see that KC (who's 75) is sore and is having a hard time walking, he sent for a wheelchair. Understand, Ive been trying to avoid letting KC realize how sore my knee actually is, but this morning I moved in some awkward way that made me exclaim with pain. So that was the end of keeping THAT secret. So when the airport escort with the wheelchair arrived, KC promptly suggested that *I* use it to traverse the 1/4 mile distance between the check-in and the gate.

Like heck I was going to have him push ME in the wheelchair for just one knee, when she was sore all over. I told her, "You just said a few minutes ago your back hurts. Why walk a quarter mile feeling like that? Use the wheelchair."

"I can't ride in a wheelchair, I have the dog."

"Let me have the leash and I'll walk the dog.'

"You can't take my guide dog through the airport, it's against the law."

"Law, my toe! Your back hurts, you said so."

Meanwhile, the guy at the check-in and the guy with the wheelchair were about to keel over from laughing. I forsee them regaling family and friends for years about the deaf-blind senior citizen who tried to get her injured guide to use the wheelchair in lieu of herself. I was having a "This is surreal' moment, and it wasn't easy for me to keep a straight face, either.

(See, these are the kinds of events that belong in a sitcom, but the politically-correct crowd would have a coronary at the idea of cracking jokes related to someone with a disability. I'm sorry, but some stuff is just flat-out funny. Period.)

We finally agreed to walk through the TSA security checkpoint, and get a ride in the electric transport car the rest of the way to the gate. Gypsy loved that. Then again, she's a Lab. She loves everything. :)

We haven't decided which tour(s) to do tomorrow, but the weather forecast looks promising. It will be hot, but sunny.


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