Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am expecting an ark, filled with pairs of animals, to come floating down my street at any momemt. MY GOSH, we have had a string of really nasty T-storms and there are possibly more on the way.

Joe M. even reported nickel-sized and larger hail in his area, though we didn't see much of that down here. I did hear some sharp whacks against our storm door, however. I take it to have been either hailstones or wind-driven debris.

Seriously, I haven't seen rain of this magnitude in quiet a while. Thank goodness. You could barely make out details of the builidngs across the street. I feel sorry for anyone who had to drive in that mess.

Which reminds me, the Flyers' annual Trial on the Isle was in Avalon today and this evening. Whatever weather we have had all day is most likely at or approaching the NJ shore by now. I hope that everyone who headed out to Avalon gets home safely. What horrid weather to have to travel in.

I REALLY hope we get some cooler temperatures as a result of this. Especially since we apparently won't see it start to clear up until Thursday night. Whew.

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