Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I just checked with the vet to see how the Spoiled Kitties are doing. They're fine, and they are slated for their checkup today with their regular vet. (It's a multi-vet practice.) I told them to spoil the boys a bit extra and tell them Mom says "Hi'. I miss my little fuzzballs, and even running into a guide dog named Captain and a meeting room in the hotel called the Stanley Room doesn't alleviate matters.

Having Gypsy to dote on during our off-hours is a good thing, though. I have got to try and get a photo of her before this week is out. It's tough to get a decent shot of dark-colored animals sometimes, and she's a black Lab. I went through this with my two previous kitties, Melody and Harmony, both of whom were black.

Anyway, we're getting off to a later start than usual this morning. We both needed the sleep. The Grand Ballroom, where the general meetings are held from 8:30-noon, is a bit too well air-conditioned anyway. KC wore the warmest stuff she brought with her yesterday and still froze. Even I was chilly and I like a good air-conditioner these days. So we're not even going to attempt to make the whole session this morning.

Anyway, time to get going. Later, all!

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