Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OK, I just tried to send two different posts from to Blogger. Neither one showed up.

So I'll copy and paste the text that I tried to send. If the posts from ping show up, I'll delete the duplicate content. Otherwise, here's the latest and greatest info from yours truly:

You know those TWO medical appointments I had scheduled for today? Now it's three.

I went to the doctor's appointment that I had scheduled for this morning. As a result, I am to get x-rays of the left knee today, and as soon as the precertification comes through (which they need my x-ray results in order to write that up), I'll be scheduled for an MRI of the left knee.

That's how we're treating the internal damage to the knee. Meanwhile, I also have got prescriptions for two antibiotics -- ointment and pills -- to battle the remaining infection from the external damage to the knee.

Meanwhile, I'm still on for the ultrasound appointment that was already set up for this afternoon. God willing, the "dense tissue" they want a better look at will turn out to be nothing, and I can put this particular set of tests out of my mind until the next time I get a reminder in the mail that I'm due for a followup.

Oh, and speaking of being due for tests, I have the paperwork for a fasting bloodwork, which I also need to get done. It's been too long since the previous test.

You know, this being middle aged is starting to ROYALLY get on my nerves. Phooey on all these little side effects of the aging process. :P

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