Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good news! Soon after the ultrasound was complete, the radiologist reviewed it and said the "dense tissue" was normal and nothing to worry about. Thank God for giant favors. So now I can leave off thinking about this until next year, when the annual "Hey, you're due for a Routine Test" reminder card comes in the mail.

I wish I had similar good news about our family friend whose lumpectomy was today. :( In her case, the surgery which was originally supposed to remove one 2-cm lump and one lymph node wound up including about 20 lymph nodes, some of which tested positive so she will need chemo and radiation. Argh. :( So do send some prayers her way.

The knee and ankle x-rays are also done. Tomorrow, I'll call to find out if/when the MRI precertification has come through, so I can get THAT done.

And then I want a VACATION from all these farging tests! Enough all-freakin'-ready! :P

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