Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mother Nature threw a big monkey wrench into our Sunday plans. We were going to head to Marsh Creek State Park for their swimming pool. It's a beautiful area, and it's also handicapped-accessible enough that Joe J. can get in and out, plus he can hang onto the poolside and walk up and down in the water. Also, there's a splash area where the kiddie pool used to be, full of fountains and cone-shaped buckets suspended in the air that fill up and dump their contents on whoever's standing below. We can take Joe into that with the wheelchair and we all have a blast. :)

Unfortunately, during our 45-minute-or-so drive down there, the weather went from "sunny and warm" to "MONSOON, lightning, and thunder". So much for going swimming.

So we switched up our plans. We ate at the restaurant that we normally go to after we swim, and once we were done eating, the weather had cleared up. But it was late enough in the day that we didn't think we'd get much swimming in, even if the pool reopened after that storm. Instead, we went to Marsh Creek and just enjoyed the view of the lake. What a great place that is -- I wish it was closer so we could go there more often.

We're going to try again to go swimming next month. Maybe Mother Nature will cooperate with us next time.

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