Monday, July 21, 2008


Looks like my Wednesday will consist of all doctors, all the time. I finally got hold of my doctor, easier said than done because that place is a busy-signal-fest when you try to call, and set up an appointment for Wednesday AM. I'm still not satisfied with the lack of healing on this knee, two weeks and counting after the injury.

Then on Wednesday PM, well... remember that Routine Test I posted about last week? I have to go back for a followup ultrasound. Turns out that I have some "dense tissue" somewhere other than in my head, and they can't give me a clean bill of health until their ultrasound provides a clearer view of some things that weren't visible on the mammogram. I could really, REALLY have lived without that phone call, but Oh Well. Welcome to my life. So glad I posponed these tests until AFTER I came back from Louisville, or I'd have had this stuff on my mind all freaking week when I was out there.

At least I know WHY there's insomnia afoot these days.

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